Are there any requirements for membership?
Anyone with an interest in the facilities field can join AFE.

Are there different classifications of membership for vendor members?
No, all individual members are treated equally. Employees of vendor companies are not assessed higher dues than end-user members.

What are AFE dues rates?
New individual members pay $199 for first-year dues.

My company pays my dues, what happens if I change jobs?
If you joined as an individual member, the membership is held in your name and belongs to you. It does not matter who paid the invoice. If you change jobs, your membership is yours to take with you. Please be sure to let HQ know your new address.

Is there a company or corporate membership?
Yes, AFE offers a Corporate membership. The corporate membership package offers companies the opportunity to own AFE memberships. The Company Membership discount program is designed to give organizations with large numbers of end-users a price break based on volume of membership. The price of membership varies based on the number of employees who will be included in the program The memberships are transferable under the corporate membership. Corporate membership brochure can be seen here.

I'm a student, can I join?
We encourage and welcome student members. AFE membership is a great way to get started building relationships in the facilities world. And you'll have access to resources to help with your studies.

To join as a student member, you must be enrolled full time in an accredited college or university.

How much are student dues?
Student dues are only $25 a year.

I'm in the Military, can I join?
Absolutely! We offer members of the military memberships at a rate of $25 a year. You can join by filling out the Military Membership Application and sending it to the National Office.

What does AFE do with my dues?
Your dues go to support the various activities and benefits of AFE membership.

More specifically, $25 of each member's dues goes to support chapter activities, $15 goes to support region activities and volunteers. Your dues also pay for the activities of the Board of Directors. Dues support a small headquarters staff to provide individual member service, as well as support chapter, region, and committee activities. Among other HQ activities, we also publish the journal, develop and maintain the web site, provide centralized administrative functions, manage the certification programs, develop, coordinate and provide training and resources, and work with member volunteer committees to bring members new resources for professional advancement.

What benefits do I get for my dues?
AFE membership provides both tangible and intangible benefits.

You get the Facilities Engineering Journal 4 times a year. Free member training webinars. Member-to-member virtual directory. 24/7 access to AFE.org for information. Threaded discussions. Free energy audit for your facility. Employment help. Local networking and plant tours with chapter membership. And savings on industry events, training and education, books, hotels and more. We are always adding new benefits for members.

There are additional benefits that aren't as tangible, such as the ability to become involved in AFE leadership and build new skills. You'll make new friends. You'll find resources you wouldn't have otherwise. You'll network to increase your knowledge, find solutions, get answers, and advance your career.

I just lost my job, do I get a break on my dues?
We know that AFE membership can help you locate a new position, so we don't want to deprive you of our valuable resources when you need them the most. If you lose your job, don't worry about your membership — give us a call at Headquarters and we'll extend your membership for the period of your unemployment in six-month increments for a maximum of 18 months.

I just retired, are my dues the same?
When you retire your dues drop to $95 a year. But, be sure to let us know that you have retired.

Is there ever a point when I don't have to pay dues and can still be a member?
Yes, after 30 years of continuous membership you reach Life Member status and no longer pay membership dues.

Can AFE help me with a job search?
Yes, you can post an anonymous resume on AFE Career Center. You can browse the openings and apply on-line.

How do I become more involved as a volunteer member?
That's easy, simply let AFE headquarters know you're interested in becoming more involved and we'll send you the volunteer application. Or go online and complete the volunteer information application.

Are there requirements for AFE volunteer leadership?
A commitment to seeing the organization thrive, along with the willingness and ability to make time, financial, and talent commitments. The most important thing to remember when you volunteer to do something in any organization is that others are relying on you to honor your commitments.

How can AFE help me and my company?
When you join AFE you'll have access to a variety of benefits and resources to improve your job performance. Your company benefits by having a knowledgeable employee for more efficient and effective facility operations. Your company also saves time and money on training with benefits such as free webinars, AFE brings the training to you, saving time and expense.

I have a product to sell to facilities professionals, how can AFE help me?
Membership in AFE isn't a requirement to advertise in the Facilities Engineering Journal or on the AFE web site. But it's with membership that you can create the personal connection with members and generate referral business on a local and national level.

How much are dues for Young Professional Members?
Young Members dues are $95 annually.

Do Young Professional Members receive the same benefits as regular members?
YPM (Young Professional Members) have all the same membership benefits as full members, but with added incentives to make this your strongest possible career move into facilities engineering.

As you chart your career path, let AFE be your long-term partner in managing your career. Your success achieves our mission of advancing the facilities engineering profession! Partner with us today to ensure your success tomorrow.